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Gonna be time for tie rod ends soon. I'm finding "beck arnley", "rare parts", "import direct" and "master pro" brands. Anyone have experience with any of these or know of another brand that might be better? Not too worried about price, just want good ones. Probably all about the same quality but wanted fish for some feedback. Thanks

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I have good luck with moog. I think I also got some made in Japan from rock auto. Cant remember the brand. Kind of hard to avoid the Chinese junk nowadays. Good luck.

Always get the "lifetime warranty" Chinese stuff from O'Reilly's or Auto-Zone. O'Reilly's give veteran's discount here.

I've always liked moog too, but a few years ago I got a couple moog ball joints. I looked at them in before I took em home and they seemed different, one just wasn't as stout were the plate is and it felt cheap. I noticed the better one said made in Mexico and the cheap one was made in Taiwan or China or Malaysia or something, I forget. Same box and part number and everything but different QC. They ordered another one and I got lucky and got a Mexican one but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I think they went through a transition a while back because I think they used to be a US company. Worth a look though if I can find em locally.

I just did mine with the full assembly from Beck Arnley. They came pre assembled with connecting sleeve and everything.Honestly they seemed a little cheaply made. They looked quite a bit different than the ad photos. The stock ends seemed much tougher. Especially the connecting sleeve.I would get the moog if I had to do it again and use the stock sleeve.you should also do the idler arm,pitman and steering damper while your at it. It will help tighten the wheel up and reduce toe in wear on the tires.


Thanks for the info. Beck Arnley seems to be hit or miss. those ad pictures do look nice though, I was just looking at those. I'll stay away from them after hearing about yours.

for tie rod ends the ONLY brand I will run is Sankei 555 on my 720.

Did a little research on sankei, first I've heard of em. Seems they've had a lot of contracts to provide OEM parts directly to Honda Toyota and Nissan. They also provide partial parts to other brands who then add their piece to it and market it as their own (or so I read). Where do you get them and under what name?
You will have to hunt around... Get the ones branded 555, or sanki 555. If it's genuine the castings will have (555) in all the cast parts. I found my last set on amazon


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