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Hi Ya'll,just got my 2 new gas props from ebay,he went down today to 14.43,darn,I ordered mine Sunday and they were 18.48,oh we'll they are the exact same ones that came on my tool box I got from Lowes 20 something years ago,my box is a better bilt brand...Same part number.I have been using 5/8 inch thick by 26 inch long.pvc pipe to hold them open for years,my friends volvo gas shocks went bad in his truck,bought him some for Christmas and installed them,then checked the part number on mine in my tool box,looked it up on Ebay and bingo,they have them,now my tool box lids stay open.Ordered them Sunday and got them today,just 2 days,wow.When you pull the lever and raise a little bit,they go up fast.

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Here's where I got them,I meant to say,I put my friends gas shocks in his trunk......https://www.ebay.com/itm/Suspa-C16-09322-C1609322-10-Gas-Prop-Quant...


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