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Hey guys

Alright here it is, I have a project I'm working on taking all the good parts out of my old rusty 84 4x4 and putting it into a clean 85 4x4. Doing some engine stuff and all of it should be pretty straight forward, however, has anyone ever done a torsion bar delete? My big bright idea was to take some 2.0 Fox Air Shocks and just put them where the normal shocks go and act like a coilover, I already have the aftermarket upper A-arm, but has anyone ever done this before? And how much lift could I get before I start to run into angle problems with my lower A-arm? Hope you guys have some answers for me

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Are you keeping it 4x4? I would think the added diameter of the coilovers would interfere with the axles.
Yeah I'm keeping it 4x4, but the new air shocks are no bigger than regular shock absorbers.
Problem #2 with that idea is the shock mounting points are meant for shock loads not supporting the whole truck. Look how thin they are and would need major beefing. I don't think air shocks would work well for this. Coilovers yes, but back to the oversize issue. The upper arms are the limiting factor on lift, they will bottom out on the stops
That's where a ball joint spacer would come into play, but it'll only be a 3-3.5 inch lift. I'm not dumb, I know I need to redo the top mounting bracket and yes air shocks would work. Look up sir shocks. Rock crawlers use the them as stand alone suspensions all the time

Well, their is one way to find out...go ahead and do it and let us know how it turns out.     I don't know if you want to be the guinea pig but it would be interesting to find out and others may be interested.

I'm just gonna straight axle it. I'll post pictures when it's done. I found out sway control would actually be a problem with the shocks, but they'd work, if you didn't use it as a daily driver


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