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1984 KC 4x4 5 speed manual. Problem:
Clutch pedal depresses normally, does not feel mushy like hydraulic issue. But stick will not go into gear while engine running. Attempt at Reverse causes grinding. Stick will go into 1st or Reverse with engine off, and truck will move appropriately when in gear, engine-start, release clutch pedal. Mechanical? TNX!

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You need a helper to push the clutch pedal while you watch the slave cylinder for throw. Check your fluid level , it doesn't take much air to reduce the throw to an unusable level. Bleeding it might get you down the road temporarily but most likely the slave or master is giving up. The slave usually goes first because of its exposed location. But if they are old replace both and don't worry about it for ten years. Try to get Japanese parts if possible.
Thanks for tips! Noob question: Where is the slave module located? :)
Driver side it has a hose running to it and pushes the clutch fork. This is where you want to observe the throw. Maybe about an inch is all it moves but it looks significant. If little to no throw you have found your problem.
Everything works properly. Fluid reservoir has aged to look full when it really was low! D'OH! Bled and filled. Will keep an eye out for leaks. OK 4 now! TNX again!

The slave should move about 1.18". If moving about an inch the hydraulics are good enough.

Causes of what's described...

Clutch disc not fully disengaging from flywheel, pressure plate or both. Disc may be bent or damaged. Pressure plate may be damaged.  





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