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Type of FS5W71C transmission, length, confirmation

Hello out there to my fellow Datsun 720 4x4 owners. I know a few of you here are specialists with the FS5W71B series transmissions. I have a chance to get my hands on FS5W71C series transmission,  from a 95 Nissan Pickup with 4 cylinder engine. It is a 2 wheel drive. I wanted to confirm that the transmission from a 95 Nissan 2 wheel drive would be the correct length for my 84 720 4WD. I would think it would fit, and I know I will have to modify the cross-member, and also the length of the short driveshaft. If someone could re-confirm this information, I certainly would appreciate it. Thanks, Dattsunal, 

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A '95 KA24E engine will have a transmission that will bolt up to the 720's Z series engine. So yes it will fit, however the length is somewhere around 30" so not a good match. You may have to lengthen your primary driveshaft.

Keep your release bearing collar... the thing that holds the release bearing. It's matched to your 720 clutch and pressure plate.  The transmission may come with a different one. Keep and use yours. Oh and replace the bearing.


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