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Is the upper spindle arm tapered?  To me it looks warn or rusted. But at $83  I thought I would check before I order it. The right side, I know the old bushing is frozen to the left

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Yes they are tapered and the bushing sleeve fits tight but yours is rusted and pitted really really bad.

You might be ok with running it again but it dont look too sturdy around the ends

After I posted I looked at it again and ordered the spindle, The inside shim 54543-j0110 is no longer available. Will have to try to save the old one or come up with something else that fits.

Check my writeup on front suspension tips.... It shows how I solved and improved the shim issue.. Costs less than one dollar
Dang dude! That thing looks like part of an anchor. They must salt the roads where your at or something. If you're not in a rush I can get you some pivot rods. But it'll probably be a couple months at least. Really busy right now, and getting carpal tunnel surgery soon.wont be cheap, but surely better than $83

Thanks  for the offer, But I need to get it fixed fast. I have the new spindle and I am grinding washers for spacers. Tired of getting 8 mpg with my other car

10-4 I've been driving my 77 chevy 4x4 with a 400 to work for the last 3 months. Great truck for pullin logs out of the woods but not a commuter. Nissans in the garage gettin some love. Good luck!

Your right about the salt here. The past 4 years have been totally brutal to my truck. they switched from a salt sand mix to pure salt only.  Its getting to the point I am starting to think it would be better to get another 720 and swap out my trucks good parts. I have had to weld the rear frame both sides and weld in new floors and cab mounts. Still trying to locate both doors.

States that salt the roads should waive all taxes on automotive purchase and rust related parts/repairs.

New spindle arm, bushings and ball joint, Now I just need to put it back on the truck

I am getting ready to fix the worn whole in the frame where the Tension Rod  goes through. I was thinking of welding a Thrust washer to the frame, seeing how I know the tension rod will fit through. I have the 4 old washers saved from  when I put on the new tension rod bushing kit


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