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Vacuum Diagrams

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You can set the valves yourself in under an hour with a 14mm? (I forget) wrench, screwdriver and a 0.012" feeler gauge. The valve cover has to come off to get at them, so simply slip a new gasket on before putting it back on. $200???? The Nissan gasket is $11 and another $20 for the tools and you've saved $180. The valves have to be set hot so drive somewhere warm where you can do this.

No harm in removing the hose and plugging if you want.

Thanks.  I just read a little about setting the values and think I could do it if I can figure out a way to get the cam shaft in the right position.  But it's cold and rainy outside these days and I don't have a garage to work in  right now.  I tend to break things when I work on them.  :(

And a few more.....Vacuum Diagrams

call me an idiot, but the lines on the 86 us picture are very confusing. is there a clearer picture or one that is more simplified for retards like me?

i have a chilton book published in 87 that has the same pic, but with the combination of lines and part diagrams combined, its kind of confusing to sort it all out.





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