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My truck sits outside all day, every day...because no garage.

I had done a lot of work on my truck to make it nice again and want to keep it that way, so I keep it covered to help keep the rlements off it.

I had a generic cover before that never fit correctly because the closest i could get was a hard body king cab version, it was about two feet too long.     After about two years outside it decided to part this earth and I started to look for a better quality version.

That leads me to the point of my post.    I found the "Covercraft" brand actually makes a cover for our early model trucks and decided to order their best outdoor material for the abuse it will see.

It took about two weeks to come in but was well worth it, the cover fits like a glove!!    The cost was of course higher than the lower quality ones, but that only makes sense.

So far it has done great and the rain rolls right off, except in the bed where it gathers into a big pool.

I fixed that by installing a couple aluminum grommets to allow the water to drain into the bed where it can go out the drain holes.

i wanted to do a review so that if anyone else might be looking for one, they know that their is viable good option for us.

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Wow,Awesome cover,will keep your nice 720 looking good always.

got a number for that cover?

Yep...It's Covercraft C6884UT   "Custom Ultratect Car Cover: Tan




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