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So.....all of a sudden my Z24 with 32/36 DGEV seems to be dieseling a
bit....power of suggestion I guess . It seems a few people have been
talking about this lately. Who would of thunk
Anywho..... I can 'deal' (idle, timing, temp) with the
dieseling....but I though I would buy the Weber anti dieseling solenoid
(45 bucks delivered) and hook it up (also) to my stock 720 wiring. The
solenoid is placed in the primary circuit on both Weber and Hitachi
carbs.....correct? So......in theory the Weber solenoid will have power
shut off when the vacuum switches and boost control valve sense a
change in engine vacuum on deceleration....thus saving fuel. Most people
don't run it through the 720 IC circuit because of the removal of the
stock air cleaner........and ....well....other than that I don't know
I already converted my stock air cleaner to fit the Weber......now I
just have to add a fitting (in pic) inside the base of the cleaner, the
OE was cut out on the conversion. Then... just reconnect the 2 vacuum
hoses to the IM&air cleaner and remount the switches etc.

Point is.....If I can't save fuel with the solenoid...?.....it's not gonna be installed

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Just my opinion, but I don't think you'll save much fuel Sealik, it's mainly just for shutting down the engine. It's needed on the stock carb mostly because it's run so lean at idle to help reduce emissions. You may get a little more engine compression braking ability from having it wired in to shut off on deceleration, but its probably not going to be a big noticeable difference.





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