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I had someone text me on my you tube video on my weber install,they were looking for a weber throttle linkage,so I looked on Ebay and could not find one like mine,it came from a weber direct long time ago,they have the black choke,as where Redline uses the White one,but there throttle linkage is not like mine,plus my carb back then came with a idle cut off solenoid,both are genuine Webers.Also ordered a new idle cut off solenoid from Redline and the jet was wrong,so i use the old one from direct and it works.There's a site that sells idle cut off solenoids that work.Here is my video,check out my linkage and see if your's is the same,some people have turn the webers around to get them to work.Mine idles and runs great.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5Fe9N0q2Kk&t=1s

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