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Title says it all...I'm trying to find an OEM 3 spoke sport steering wheel for my truck in blue (did they make that?) or black.

Would like it in real nice shape if at all possible.  

I would also like to know what the size of the OEM wheel is, i suspect it is about 14-15" diameter but not sure.   The one I have currently is one of those cheap AutoZone ones and it is a little too small in diameter at about 13".

thanks guys.

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The stock ones are bigger than 13", wanna say they're 14". I have seen a blue one at a wrecking yard, almost pulled it but the rubber was pretty rotted. I looked for a black one for a long time like I had on my old 85 when I was a kid. I "think" they were only available on 85-86 because I've picked over 84 deluxe/st models and they didn't have the 3 spoke. Hard to find, I gave up and bought a 3 spoke Grant, it looks pretty stock and has a thicker outer ring so it's more comfortable to hold, it's 14" but it's black, don't think they make a blue one.

That is pretty much identical to the one I currently have except the spokes are  black and it must be a 13" wheel.

I want to replace it because I feel like it's too small and I would be more comfortable with a stock-ish size.

I have seen a few on-line from other Datsun vehicles.   Does anyone know if steering wheels from other Datsun/Nissan models (like the 510 or 240/260Z, 710 pickup) will fit our 720's??

Ok, so I bought a real nice OEM new/old stock blue steering wheel for a 200sx hoping it would fit, it sadly does not.

The shaft on the 720 is slightly larger and after looking at different ways to get around it I feel that the best way is to get an old steering wheel and cut the center out of it and then weld it into place on the new wheel.

Do any of you have an old OEM steering wheel you can sell cheap?  It does not matter what condition the wheel is in as long as the center is steel and in good shape.

Whoa! The 720 wheel has a hub that unbolts ... Any chance the 240 has the same bolt pattern?

Don't need a steering wheel now...found a beat up one about 60 miles from my house, it's the only yard with a 720 in it.

Steve G...I don't know what the bolt spacing is on a 240 wheel but the hub from the '83 720 i picked up today has 3 holes at about 58 mm apart.
I also have a Grant steering adapter that is a 3 hole at 38mm apart.

I will say that our steering shaft is larger than the 200sx, the D21 hardbody, early toyota van, late '80's Mitsubishi pickup and Chevy S10. (I tried all kinds :)

Here is the other "OEM" hub.
I finally figured out a way to mount the new wheel securely by combining an original 720 steering wheel hub and by trimming the center out of the wheel itself to use as an adapter plate between the hub and wheel.

I had to use the copper plate off the back of the "Grant" hub i had for the horn to work, i was able to remove it by using a heat gun to loosen up the epoxy, i then re-epoxy'ed it to the stock hub.

I also had to cut the splined sleeve off of the new wheel and cut the center out large enough to get the socket through to tighten the bolt on the steering shaft.

This was quite the amount of, figuring how to do this conversion, one step at a time.

It's not for the faint of heart, you need to possibly destroy two perfectly usable items to make one good one...hopefully!

I included a pic. of the finished project.
I like the way that looks. Likely the only 720 ever with a 200sx steering wheel. Kinda sporty looking, very cool. Nice job
Thank you!

Having it be the only one would be unique but admittedly not the goal ;)

I just wanted an OEM steering wheel to get the blue interior complete again and go back to the 15" size wheel, it just happened to work out.





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