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How long did Nissan run this motor as an option in the North American 720?

I know it started Jan '83 or mid year of the '83 model year. I have it in my '84 FSM. Was under the impression it ran until the end of the 720 run half way through '86 but don't have any hard proof. I have parts numbers from August on of '84... making it an '85 model year part.

Anyone have an '85 FSM with it in?

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I do!


the only z20 mpg trucks i have ever come across were 85-86 models.

I've nver seen one, we didn't get them in Canada. Chris... thank you.

Any other info on how long the Z20 was available?

Found parts listed for the Z20 for April '85 and on... but not for how long.

Hi Mike,here's a link on the z-engines.

Thanks Tommy but as you can see they are full of wrong. 720 Z20... 1981-1984. Even the A10 is wrong it's '80-'81 states and '81 in Canada. Wikki ... kind of make you wonder about their other stuff

Found another link mike,

Mike... i believe the z20 (mpg version) was only from the 85 model year till the end of the 720 line... so i guess about a year and a half.

 What are you trying to do with this info?

I have an '84 manual with the Z20 in it and have a Nissan arts counter display which I trust.It was used by dealers to order genuine parts... and it shows the Z20 parts available from January '83. There are parts listed through April '85 and I did have a reference to August '85 placing it just barely into the '86 model year. Just wanted to confirm.  Someone on another site works for a company that makes parts manuals and said they told him it wasn' available in '85.  Several post above has Chris with it in an '85 manual. I have it in an '84 FSM. This is a 720 forum... we should know this stuff, right?

Looks like a copy of the Wikipedia

Some auto part stores here list the z-20 in the 85 2x4 model,but it says from 79-85 that it is in,if you want me to,I have a great friend that works at the nissan dealer here I can call.Probably the cheap base model came with the 2.0,with no features,poor man's truck.

The Z20 was never in the 4x4. It was a weird duck with 9 to 1 compression and 3.364 gears and must have been pretty pathetic on take off. Had a knock sensor timing retard to combat pinging and a 240mm flywheel for all the clutch slipping to get it off the line.


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