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How long did Nissan run this motor as an option in the North American 720?

I know it started Jan '83 or mid year of the '83 model year. I have it in my '84 FSM. Was under the impression it ran until the end of the 720 run half way through '86 but don't have any hard proof. I have parts numbers from August on of '84... making it an '85 model year part.

Anyone have an '85 FSM with it in?

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The reason nissan did this, so one nissan truck repair manual would cover all for the world,don't have a bunch of different repair manuals,over seas might have the 2.0 in the 86 model,so the 86 book will have it and not have a separate book,cheaper,right.Some people think there is a 86.5 manual,nope,you have 3 different manuals for that 86 year cause of the change from carb, to fuel injection and other changes.They might of had a surplus of 2.0 engines left and put them in other years,never know what people will do,lol.

z20 MPG option for the base model 2wd 720s...  all were base standard cab short bed trucks.

 Mike.. as far as i know all MPG trucks had california emissions pre-equipped.

 The white MPG truck i had for parts was sold new at Grass Valley Nissan in 1986... so there had to be a california emissions compliance of some sort as federal vehicles cant be sold new here unless the G.V.W is like 10k or more.. something like that

 I still have never seen an 83-84 mpg truck... they could have easily had a federal truck too, but i truely dont think an 83-84 MPG ever existed

My '84 FSM shows it and my Nissan parts source shows it from mid '83. Can't find any info on California emissions is all.

I assumed it was only a Fed truck perhaps for state or federal fleet applications?  Well good to know. Learned a lot about the Z20 MPG I wasn't totally sure of. Thanks Steve.





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