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I need a crank pulley for my 1984 720. No idea what other engines or years will work.

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Hi Karl,Nissan still have these,they are pricey,something that I never had to replace in 25 years that I had my 85 720,it has the years on the page that it fits and your's is one of them,this site is good, I buy from them all the time.They are fast too.https://www.partsfornissans.com/oem-parts/nissan-crankshaft-pulley-...

Found another site,same oem part but a little cheaper.This site is overseas and will take a long time to get/////https://www.ebay.com/p/1230307W00-Nissan-Pullycrank-Genuine-OEM-Par...

Yikes! I was hoping to source a used one. Mine might be OK. Previous owner had a weird thing about tightening ANY bolts on this thing.

What makes you think you need a new one?

The keywayis all torn up I was able to install it in the right spot but I'd like to have a good one.

Hey Karl,someone named Thomas Buckley just joined our site,he has a 84 parts truck,see if he will sell you the pulley.

Good lookin' out guy thanks

just gut my member ship approved. Is that the same has the harmonic balancer. or does the pullies come off the balancer?


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