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I need a crank pulley for my 1984 720. No idea what other engines or years will work.

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Hi Karl,Nissan still have these,they are pricey,something that I never had to replace in 25 years that I had my 85 720,it has the years on the page that it fits and your's is one of them,this site is good, I buy from them all the time.They are fast too.https://www.partsfornissans.com/oem-parts/nissan-crankshaft-pulley-...

Found another site,same oem part but a little cheaper.This site is overseas and will take a long time to get/////https://www.ebay.com/p/1230307W00-Nissan-Pullycrank-Genuine-OEM-Par...

Yikes! I was hoping to source a used one. Mine might be OK. Previous owner had a weird thing about tightening ANY bolts on this thing.

What makes you think you need a new one?

The keywayis all torn up I was able to install it in the right spot but I'd like to have a good one.

Hey Karl,someone named Thomas Buckley just joined our site,he has a 84 parts truck,see if he will sell you the pulley.

Good lookin' out guy thanks





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