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Has anyone ever lightened their crankshaft by knife edging and balancing? what about light weight flywheels? looking for every advantage to make good reliable power but thinking out side the box?

also needed to know more about weber 40 dcoe versus 45 dcoe?

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knife edging and light 11lb flywheels is popular among the 22r toyota guys... keep in mind it only works well with light weight 2wd vehicles with lower gears due to the loss of inertia. Because of the z24 being a low rpm torque engine it wont help you with higher RPMs but will simply get you to redline a hell of a lot faster.

Hi Steve this is zman. I just did your awesome discovery of 94 hard body brake upgrade. It worked out beautifully. I have a half breed 85/86 720. I'm looking for a lightened flywheel. Do you know where or what is a direct possible source for a direct fitment for naps z24 4wd? 5 speed with the divorced transfer case?.
I'm convinced you need a laptop to get through to anyone or anything on this site. Jeez what does it take to get a response from anyone?. I haven't received an email even though it's plian as day or forum reply zero. Can someone for has anyone seen my reply question anything.

I drop by now and then. Was here last night but didn't finish your post when I saw crank knife edging.

Any L20B, Z20,Z22,Z24 or KA flywheel (all 6 bolt) will fit. However they range in clutch size and weights.

All Z24 and Z20 engines in the 720 use a 240mm clutch disc size, so another Z24, Z20 or a truck KA will match.

Generally L, Z and KA flywheels are all the same, but with different bolt patterns for the different pressure plate mounting bolts. I've weighed 6 or 8 different sizes and the tend to be 29 or 21 pounds in weight. The lighter ones are for cars or six cylinder engines that have lots of torque or the car is lighter. Trucks tend to have heavier flywheels.

I have two 240mm flywheels one is only 21 pounds. I have no idea what it came off of. The other is 29 pounds and most likely from a Z24. If you look on the engine side of the wheel the lighter ones are scalloped and have less mass.

Hey Datsun Mike. Just was able to get to the rest of your reply and pics. Will get back to you as soon as I can get a few things chk'd out.





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