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Have an '86 KC Z24I 4x4 that I took on a 2 week trip to michigan. Was actually impressed by the torque available offroad and the traction.

Was tempted to drop into 4L in 2WD (manual hubs) and did a few times...till I got the manual out and saw in BOLD PRINT that Nissan says...don't do it. Found that in most cases regular 2WD would get the job done even at low RPMs...the truck has good torque on the trail.

Got into some deep dry sand and even with regular all season car tires on it...it paddled thru the dry stuff in 4L 4WD.

Notice...I don't go looking for trouble...on the trails I drive as easy as I can...trouble finds me often enough...especially when I can be 1 to 2K miles from home. So I don't jump the bumps. Plus I will be loaded with ~600 lbs of camping gear in a low camping topper. Now gotta find some mountains to climb.

Did have a Failsafe type thermostat FAIL...so I was R&Ring this out in the woods...2Xs. First attempt failed...as the new thermostat slipped down and allowed coolant to pass. Second time went OK. Fortunately I didn't crack the housing.

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sounds like fun, did you take pictures?
Maybe...but probably couldn't find them anyway. Have had a few similar adventures since...though my attempts at communing with nature and trail driving tend to devolve into playing hide and seek with my fuzzy friends...aka the *ssholes.

Have been recently using a GPS where I can create and follow detailed routes before leaving on a trip....between tending to wake up early...as in 4-5 AM and wanting to avoid standing around in the dark and cold....I tend to move from one camping spot to another in the early morning. So my fuzzy friends just had to prove they could follow me and towards the end of my last trip...they were sneaking up on my campsites to see if they could get some dirt. Probably did get some pics of my taking a dump.

So...if you want to determine IF you really live in a police state...try moving from point A to point B without being detected....then get back with me. ;-)

The GPS did make it possible to follow routes and make it through some remoter areas I wouldn't have had a chance with when using a paper map....but the GPS maps are not perfect.


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