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what is the best tires to give that low look>? im running 195 75 14's on mine. i wanna go lower... any thoughts?

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r u wanting to stick with the 14 inch rims??
i would try to upgrade wheels/and tires while you're at it man.. you can pickup a set of 16's or 17's on craigslist all the time.. and all stock 6 bolt chevy wheels will fit once bored out.
Try runing 185/60r/14's on da front and 195/60/14's on da back 60's are da lowest profile tire for 14's and that will give you a more lower look
shoots, i'll try that.,..
what r u running right now?
2119 Kahstumz*Wii Wii*'s is correct. If you stay with a 14in rim than the best you can do is a 60 series tire.some tire shops are willing to run a smaller tire width and strech it so it will look like a smaller series tire.thats not good if you like to hang corners at high speeds.the side wall gives out and you go into the wall or pole.

Im runnning 195/50 15s, 4 inch blocks and dearched springs, rolling a 1/2 off the ground for the last 20 years. I have to actually raise the truck up because im adding weight from tonnaue and stereo.


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