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First off:Corey- thankyou for not erasing my profile. my dumbass droid wouldnt let me reset my profile, and i just got a laptop. (my old one was stolen) Secondly:  I had to re-root to South…Continue


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"I tried camping in a tent...wind pretty much trashed it. I can see the welds between those links....LOL."
Jul 2, 2015
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"Glad you could find some...I drove thru some remote horse areas and saw none that I thought were wild.  Saw some nice country though."
Jul 2, 2015
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"i fixed it dude :) i overlooked a step"
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"Sorry I can't get to the picture either.  It's part of your profile, you must have uploaded directly to .ning so it's not in your photos."
Apr 17, 2015
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"for some reason my email isn't working..... hey so when you go to my page.... there's a photo on the background of my truck in 2010 from when i was mud-bogging... i lost the memory stick the photo was on, and my laptop that it was on got…"
Apr 17, 2015
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"to: Corey/ Tiger Racing..... my email is glitching and it wont let me send this to ya............. hey so when you go to my page.... there's"
Apr 17, 2015
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"2010.. when i was only the second owner before it was sold to shitty people"
Apr 17, 2015
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Apr 17, 2015
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May 31, 2014
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"ok yall... one month away from total resto and lift.... been looking everywhere.... does ANYBODY know where I can find a 6" lift for front?"
Feb 6, 2014
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"Thanks man. I'm in transportation too. I deal with PACCAR a lot."
Apr 12, 2013
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"test to see if you have 12v at the starter, then jump a wire to the s terminal  (make sure its in neutral!)   "
Apr 11, 2013

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What is the main reason you'd like to join 720World? (dont just say "because I own a 720", if you do this you will not be approved)
720-holic.... lol..... think i can rebuild one blindfolded at this point
What is your profession? (not required, just if you want to share your knowledge)
About Me:
Interesting Read:
Ever owned a truck, sold it for dirt cheap and bought it back?????
I moved to Rock Springs, WY in 2009 to pursue a career in the oilfield. While there I saw a truck in a parking lot of the man camp that I couldn't stop asking about. After two days of asking, I found the owner, convinced him to sell it to me for $1,500.00.... LOL... that's right.
He was previously the sole owner of the truck and a pretty damn good shade tree mechanic. This guy took excellent care of it. From 2010 to the middle of 2012 I was loving the shit out of my 720. I made some pretty cool upgrades, all-though I used it as a daily driver on the Great Divide (jumping it, mud-bogging, rock crawling, ect...) I actually took really good care of the truck.
Eventually I got home sick as hell and decided to move back to South Carolina. Family members weren't doing good back home, so that only added to my motivation. UNFORTUNATELY I had to make a really tough choice,,,,,, drive my Subaru Alpine Sport (built up the motor to a WRX) back to SC, or drive my Nissan 720.... anyone who has driven over 2,000 miles knows damn well that why I had to sell my truck. Did I want to sell it???? HELL no!!!!
So I paid $1,500 for the truck, did an additional $2,000 worth of up-grades.... wanna take a wild guess how much i sold it for??????? $500 fucking dollars..... ya.... BUT.... I met a guy who was really down on his luck. He had a daughter, lost his wife because of meth or some BS story..... the whole situation really tugged at me.... so I made an agreement with the guy. (by the way, it was on CraigsList for $3,500)... I told this dude if he took good care of it like myself and the guy before me, I'd sell it to him for $500..... mostly I felt bad for him and was trying to kinda pay it forward....sold it to him, then moved back to South Carolina.
While there, one of my FB friends in Rock Springs had been telling me how he kept seeing my old truck around town and it was turning into a pile of shit. Then he quit seeing it around.....
Life and Economies being what they are, I decided after a year and a half back in SC that it was probably better to return to WY.
By that point my Subaru had been totaled by a fkn white tail. FK State Farm insurance btw..... haha.
So my ass hopped in my Cadillac Eldorado sport coupe (1998) and headed back for WY. While driving through the Shanandoa Valley the cot damn headgasket blew on me.... turns out the buy here pay here place i bought the car from had spliced the wires to some fkd up relay for my warning lights in the Caddy.... so there i was, stranded, had to be to my new job in WY in 2 days, with no car that ran and over 1,700 miles left to go. So what do I do????? Well im a grown ass man, pretty ambitious, dont give up or quit when i know i can make it.... sold all my shit that i could on the side of the freeway.... donated the rest to a church, my camping gear to a boyscout, and my 3 year old pet BoaConstrictor named Izzy to the 4H...she was 4.5 feet long.... anyway..... hopped my ass on a god forsaken Grey Hound bus with nothing but a bag of clothes and made it to WY in time for my first day at my new job...........YA..... pretty fkd up huh?
After bout like a month being back in WY, I had got on a FB car sell site for WY..... I saw a yellow Nissan 720 for sale for $500 and got to zooming in on the pictures.... noticed a few odd things... the truck for sale had the same rust spot and oilfield sticker on the driver side as my old Nissan 720 i had sold a year and a half earlier.... so i called the dude.... asked him if it use to have a white tool box on it.. he said ya and it had oilfield stickers all over it that i painted over.... I said hey man,,,, do me a favor??? Crawl under it and tell me if the initials KI are carved into the rhino lining on the driver's side.... dude called me back the next day and said ya.... he then proceeded to tell me there was a guy coming to buy it the up-coming weekend.... I said DUDE.... you GOTTA sell me that truck, it's MY OLD TRUCK!!! we got to talking, i offered him $800 if he would sell it to me... he told the other guy the situation, he thought it was cool and said fk ya sell it to that guy instead..... so a year and half later,traveling 4,760 miles:::: I BOUGHT MY OWN TRUCK BACK... now lets do the math here guys......
2009 i had spent $3,500 on the truck. Sold it for essentially charity in 2012 for $500... that's a balance of $3,000.
moved came back
bought it back in 2013 for $800... leaving a balance of $3,800.
Now the truck was in a town called Riverton (where i had to pick it up) I was driving a 79 F250 w/ a suped up 460 big block... the fuel to get the 720 from Riverton cost bout like $450, plus the u-haul trailer rental was an additional $80.. so new balance of money spent on the 720.....
$4,330 fkn dollars...
can you tell i really loved this little truck yet???
Now here's the lovely part... the guy in Riverton who I bought the truck from wasn't exactly CLEAR about the condition of the truck... all i had were pictures to go off of and that it still ran....
when i picked it up... yall... i literally fkn teared up.... the truck that i loved so much had been abused like a phenisian whore who didn't pay her pimp..... blown motor, dead battery, about one inch of dirt and dust in the interior, broken windows, the chassis looked like the back of a fat lady's leg, the spare parts had been placed in the bed for a year and soaked under snow rusting all to shit.... i fkn cried man... not like a bitch or anything, but my eyes were watery and i had that lump in my throat... i was so pissed.....
taking my lashings on the purchase, i was still happy to have my old truck back... told myself... Im gonna restore this fucker proper.
so on top of the $4,330 that was already invested into a truck that no-longer ran, had no interior, no usable spare parts, and looked like Sloth from The Goonies,,, i additionally housed my lil rust bucket in a 10'x30' storage unit/shop at $150 per month for 18 months... so the new balance invested into a truck that didn't even run..... $7,030 FUCKING DOLLARS YALL.
ya .... i know.... im retarded or maybe psycho... but how many dudes have a story like this??????? seriously???? ive never known anyone to have a story remotely similar... but then again most people aren't a crazy fawker like me. Lmao...
So for the 18 months my poor truck hibernated, i researched all possible options.... converting it to the D29, dropping in a 240SX fuel injected motor, bla bla bla... I spent hours and hours scrounging junkyards to find usable spare parts... FINALLY, in 2015 i was able to wake the truck from its coma.
I paid my friend from Guatemala who's a damn good mechanic $200 to teach me how to set a timing chain... we tore the motor apart, had the head machined, machined the journals and crankshaft, repaired the lifters, machined the valves, cleaned the pistons, and replaced many correlating parts to the carb. A new transmission, automatic 4x4 hubs were installed, and i have been currently getting to the chassis. Right now I'm still in WY, (it's April 16, 2015) and I am leaving this shit hole to start my own company in South Carolina..... the global oil crisis has about 8,000 people in my town who lost their career, myself included... so fk it... back home i go... this time, i've made an oath to never sell this truck again.
so.... let's do some more math... HAHA
balance including: investment, pick-up, and storage = $7,030
now add in rebuild kit from Orileys= think it was like $180
add in junk yard parts= $350
add in paying my buddy to teach me timing chain shit= $200
balance= $7,760
NOW ADD the u-haul trailer im putting the truck on in two weeks to bring it back to South Carolina = $674
$8,434 cot damn dollars....
things this truck still needs: all new brakes.. callipers, drums, whole shabang including e-brakes.... also needs shocks... everything else it gets after that isn't really a need, more like making it bad ass...
so to ANYONE on this page who actually read this ..... just know im not crazy... i am an avid 720-holic... it probably has a lot to do with the fact that i got to drive one around all the time as a kid in Montana.... another thing too.... you see these dumbasses going out buying these little shitty side by sides.... our 720s are tougher, have about the same wheel base, more functional... yada yada, and even a situation like mine where ive spent a retarded amount of money.... it's still financially better to own a 720... my grandkids will be driving this same truck one day. I'm going to make it last for a long time.
How many 720's or other Nissan trucks do you own? What years and types?
1985 Nissan, 4x4, 720 Sport, 5-speed w/ hydraulic clutch
What modifications have you done to your truck(s)
1" Chassis Lift
4" Suspension Lift
Rock Crawler frame skids welded to frame
Some cheesy head light and running light rock/brush protetion screen.. (looks kinda cool though)

Currently working on the interior, making it rat-rod street sign style.

Eventually the truck will receive custom welded bumpers and brush guards along with a better suspension lift.
What modifications do you still plan to do to your truck(s)
Maybe the D29 Diesel Conversion

Currently working on the interior, making it rat-rod street sign style.

Eventually the truck will receive custom welded bumpers and brush guards along with a better suspension lift.
How many miles would you travel to attend an all 720 truck meet?

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At 8:07pm on April 17, 2015, TigerRacing said…

Sorry I can't get to the picture either.  It's part of your profile, you must have uploaded directly to .ning so it's not in your photos.

At 2:55am on February 27, 2012, TigerRacing said…

I got a little delayed in getting you approved in the Premium Group, I'm really sorry about that, your request came though just after I got of the computer last weekend, and I didn't get back to it until just now.  But thanks again for the donation, looks like you use your 720 for a lot of fun times!

At 3:24pm on February 19, 2012, TigerRacing said…

Hey thanks for the donation Kevin, if you go to the Premium Members (Beta) Group and request to join I'll get you added as soon as I get back on here, I'm headed out to the garage right now to work on my racer...

At 9:45pm on May 26, 2011, TigerRacing said…
Well you remind me so much of myself, it made me laugh.  I welcome both you and your 720!

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