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What is the main reason you'd like to join 720World? (dont just say "because I own a 720", if you do this you will not be approved)
Because I have always loved these little trucks since if first laid eyes upon them...
What is your profession? (not required, just if you want to share your knowledge)
About Me:
Well, I'm a thin film systems engineer by day, off road racer by night and weekend... I'm into building things, modifying things, making them better. I'm a fabricator and welder, do some machining, sheet metal work and such. I also like to work with computers and electronics, woodworking, crafts and art. I have more hobbies than time to pursue them.
How many 720's or other Nissan trucks do you own? What years and types?
I own 4 720 trucks, all are 4x4 KC They are a '82 Z22 which is my current off road racer, an '86 Z24 which I rolled in '05 and is in the process of being rebuilt, and I also have two 85's, one is an ST. I'm going to use the two '85 to make one solid truck to go back on the street. The left over is going to be a solid axle conversion for crawling and trail rides... tube bed, external roll cage, etc.
What modifications have you done to your truck(s)
Way too much!
What modifications do you still plan to do to your truck(s)
Plan on building a 720 SAS trail rig using Toyota axles, and restoring the ST near original. I also have two single cab dually 720's. I plan to restore one to original except for modifying the front axle with adapters to use the same offset rims as the rear, and then modify the other dually to a king cab and mount 16" rims and tires on it.
How many miles would you travel to attend an all 720 truck meet?
as far as needed

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TigerRacing posted a discussion

720World.com will be shutting down at the end of 2020

Well all good things come, and they go, and it appears it's time to say goodbye!Despite efforts to get new people engaged through Facebook, it appears that my decision to ask for a $5 a year membership fee really drove a lot of people away for good.  But, nothing in life is free, unless you're in CHAZ.  And as much as I'd like to have kept it free, we are really a very small group of people with a niche passion that not many advertisers either could or would support, so it was a choice to…See More
Jun 23
TigerRacing replied to mazspd6's discussion blown fuse, replaced but still nothing
"Well I have had batteries that showed good voltage but wouldn't provide any current.  Seems to be more common with newer batteries.  also a battery that has ever been left discharged and frozen can do strange things.  I'd…"
Feb 21
TigerRacing replied to mazspd6's discussion blown fuse, replaced but still nothing
"If it's not the main EFC relay, I'd say the next likely cause is the ignition switch itself.  Usually a starter solenoid will just click but you'll have power to everything else.  With the EFC relay, everything shuts…"
Feb 5
TigerRacing replied to baseballguru44's discussion 720 shocks
"I've used Ranch 5000 shocks almost exclusively on my street 720's.  But I'm not sure if they even carry them anymore.  I believe KYB carriers shocks for the 720 though and I kinda like their quality.  I've never…"
Feb 5
TigerRacing replied to Marshall Davis's discussion Auto choke relay
"That is good to hear!  Glad to help.  Yes it is counter-intuitive for sure.  Even after I sorted through the circuit, and had it all figured out in my head, I still got confused trying to explain it lol."
Jan 16
TigerRacing replied to Marshall Davis's discussion Auto choke relay
"Ok, I was pretty close but there are some errors in what I said mainly because the choke relay is not a normally open relay.  The choke relay is a normally closed relay, meaning it's closed (passing 12V) to the choke heater when the relay…"
Jan 14
TigerRacing replied to Marshall Davis's discussion Auto choke relay
"Hmmm, it's been a while since I've review the electronics for that circuit.  But if my memory serves me correctly, the relay should close once the key is turned on, and should remain on.  The bi-metal spring within the choke then…"
Jan 14
TigerRacing replied to Tommy Perkins's discussion Nissan part # B715789900 CLIP-WIRING
"Looks like you might be able to get this from Japan here.  https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya/nissan/holder-rod-B715789900"
Dec 12, 2019

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At 7:11pm on April 17, 2015, Lunch Box said…
for some reason my email isn't working.....
hey so when you go to my page.... there's a photo on the background of my truck in 2010 from when i was mud-bogging... i lost the memory stick the photo was on, and my laptop that it was on got stolen back in 2013... soooooooo..... is there ANY way you can help me snag that photo dude???? i tried to copy & paste, but my gf's lovely macintosh won't let me. Tried on a windows computer and it wouldn't let me..... LOL.... i figured since you have over-ride options maybe it would let you copy and paste the photo??????
Also, i attempted to get it by editing the theme on my page... that was unsuccessful... im moving in two weeks back to South Carolina again.....
If you want an interesting read... go to the about my truck section on my page... it's long as hell, but maybe youd understand more as to why i seem so psycho about my truck . lol...
At 8:04pm on February 17, 2015, Patrick Smith said…
I did read the article you posted up after i built mine. It was cool to see what they had gone through and how they did what they did. I wish I had been collaborating with them
At 10:16pm on January 20, 2015, Bill Kravis said…

a small price to pay considering all the information I got from the site over the years,, I'll make it  back 1000 times over from all the stuff I'm planning to sell here  :-)..

At 1:48pm on January 15, 2015, Datman said…

Thanks, Corey - I'm so glad that you've taken the time and energy to keep the Club going.

I'm having a new reman motor put in my truck this weekend - this should help me have a renewed interest in the little machine (with a tired motor - everything seems futile) and consequently, maybe a bit more presence on the site.

Thanks again, Dave

At 8:30pm on January 14, 2015, Joseph Russo said…

Thank you for the excellent website.  I am sorry it took so long to make a donation.

I will be working on my 720 this spring.  Thanks again...


At 9:02pm on January 5, 2015, SATOSHI HAGIHARA said…

$20 a year is nothing compaired to what i have gotten out of this site..Thank you for all the hard work..It is deeply appreciated..sato

At 12:13pm on October 10, 2014, LouBone said…
Thanks for the welcome to 720. I'm not originally from N. Charleston. Just settled here after leaving the military 10 yrs ago. Looking forward to getting this truck solid again.
At 3:31pm on September 3, 2014, AJ Carter said…

Thanks for the information. I probably will not start on the project until the weather cools down as I have to work outside at this time. I am interested in any problems that I may encounter with the oil pan and dip stick as the 200sx is a front sump. I know that I can deal with it but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated from someone who has been there. I will probably use the entire efi as it is in the donor to start but My son (Carter Racing Enterprises) uses a very tunable ecu in the cars he builds and when that time comes, I will have him set something up with the dyno.

Thanks again,


At 1:00pm on January 4, 2014, Phil Sommerard said…

Hi and thanks for the interest in my truck, I will post more pics of the stretch later .

At 7:45pm on September 30, 2013, Greg Lewis said…

Hi there TigerRacing,

I'm very keen to know just which engines the Mears, Connor and Balch racing teams used in their Baja/Mexicali 720's in the early 1980's, and what mods they did to 'em - what their setup was.  There doesn't seem to be much on the net regarding the history of these teams and their endeavours.  It's a great shame Jim Connor Performance Products are no longer in business - I'd be keen to track down some of his suspension parts (I think I read that you managed to get some?).  Perhaps there is a way to contact these old legends of Datsun Desert Racing?  Hope all is well with you and that the racing is still cranking.

All the best,


TigerRacing's Blog

Save a part, buy a 720

Posted on November 13, 2008 at 3:00pm 6 Comments

Back in the early 1990s I used to frequent a local junk yard near me. That place was amazing, it had two or three rows of 720 trucks in it, as it did most every make. This place specialized in only trucks, so they were able to keep more trucks longer before crushing them out...

Well, those days are long gone. Now when I go there, there might be 3 or 4 720's, mostly all stripped out and rotted away. The high demand and price for scrap metal has spelled the worst for those of use… Continue

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