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Anyone know where to get a new exhaust system for an 82 king cab with a Z22 engine?


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Comment by Tommy Perkins on September 8, 2017 at 5:01pm

Channing in Florida has a AWESOME 82 720 4x4,he should be able to tell you where to get a Exhaust System,he may be leaving to get away from Irma,I'm in Georgia and it's coming our way,yikes.Your 82 model is different from the 83-85 and look's like it's hard to find,I looked all over the internet.I put a new Exhaust manifold on back in 97,got from dealer,it was 212.00 back then,plus gaskets and new hardware.Had a new front pipe put on,cat got clogged up and now I don't use a cat.That was maybe less than a year ago,plus from the front pipe all the way back is new.Everything is together with clamps,no welding.Front pipe was less than a 100.00 bucks,2wd and 4wd front pipe are different.Got new pipe hangers.It's like the stock way.Headers are a waste of money on our 720's.You can call a local muffler shop and see what they say.




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