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Hey guys i'm new to this site. so I'd just like to start by saying hello. Now then back to business. I'm parting out my 1985 4x4 720 because i had a tree fall over it in a past snow storm. I was in the process of restoring it, but this has totally stopped my now. I have lots of new parts, a freshly rebuilt Z24 motor (not a remanufactured one from a big company, but one rebuilt from the local machine shop with thirty years experience). I have the reciept to show, and its only ran twice before the tree fell over the truck. I have just about every part of the truck plus extras. I uploaded 3 pictures if you would like more you can e-mail me or reply on here. My e-mail address is porkchop86@gmail.com.

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How much you want for the motor? Give me your lowest price. Thanks

complete motor. $550 cash. motor probably only has 4 hours max since rebuild.every part on motor is newly replaced at time of rebuild. waterpump, alternater,carberator,belts, head, etc... its a steal, i've still got the receipt showing where i paid 1100.00 for rebuild and all parts and machine work.

what a shame... damn trees

amen! i was a good way into fully restoring it. 

Do you have the interior pieces still...i need the console with gauge pod if you still have it in good shape.   If you could post up a pic. or send it to me that would be great.



soory for the delay in response. yes i still have everything basically. i'll take some pictures of what i have and post soon. my interior is blue.

sorry for the delay in response. both taillights are good. what trim around the tailight are you looking for? the black trimmed taillights or the chrome trimmed? i"ll get u a picture of them soon

How are your front seats? Color? Willing to ship?
Front seats are blue in color, pretty good overall condition. Passenger side is good. Driver side needs a little work on the seat bottom. And yes I will ship as long as buyer covers shipping costs.

Hey this dan over in NC are still want to sell the diff ?

Dan I sure do. I was in a wreck on my motorcycle and was just released. I'm having to get friends to help me do things. I'm in a wheelchair right now. Sucks not being able to do things like I'm used too.

Damn i am sorry to here that i can relate i broke my leg tib /fib on a dirt bike and was air lifted a few years back . Hope things go well . just let me know what you want to do . 


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