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Hi Ya'll.Happy Sunday.Yesterday I took out my heater core,it was leaking bad,have coolant on the passenger carpet.I called Autozone today cause I bought the last 2 from them and have a so called lifetime  warranty.We'll,they no longer sell them,so they gave me my money back.59.38.So I went on Ebay and searched.They have the exact same one as Autozone for 84.95.Then I searched Rock Auto and nothing their.Then searched Advance Auto Parts,they want 113.59.So my last stop was O'reilly's Auto parts and they have the same one as Autozone with a lifetime warranty for 56.99.Same price as Autozone when adding taxes.Look's as these parts are getting harder to find.This will be my 3rd one I have installed.I am a pro at it now.The last one I put in,I also installed new gray carpet,now I will have to get my shampooer to get the antifreeze up and clean it.The last 2 times was in the winter but didn't leak this bad.I got this one out in little over a hour.Tuesday is when it will come in,they didn't make me prepay,cool.When I was disconnecting the ac-heating switches,one of the retainers came off holding one of the 3 switches that has cables on them,guess what,I can't find it,so I went to clips and fasteners online and ordered some and you get 100 of them so if anyone need some let me know.

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Got my new heater core today,fast ain't the word,took just 2 days to get here,will put it in Saturday after work.

My last heater core only lasted 3 and a half years,and just got another one just like it.Got the weekend off and going to put it in.Hope this one last longer,the one before the other lasted 10 years and are made by the same company.Can't be choosy.

Make sure you run a quality antifreeze/coolant and if using that long life crap change it on time.

Got it all back together,had to use a new retainer to hold my cold-hot switch on,it came off and somehow I lost it,it takes a 3/16 e-clip to hold it on,the original ones are not to be found,got it from Home depot.It cost 50 cents,I bought some from Clips and fasteners but the e-clip was better.Put Prestone antifreeze back in,been using that type since I had my truck.The heater core doesn't fit good as a OEM,but it works.To get the hoses thru the hole in the fire wall,I tied wire around them both,then put wire thru hole then set heater core box in place,then pulled wire,till hoses got to hole,then got some needle nose pliers and pulled them thru hole,then connected them to other hoses with clamps,then set heater box in place,then had to line up dash with all vents.I had to put new sealant where the boxes meet to keep air from leaking.You have three boxes,heater core,A.C. box and blower motor box,had to put some on top of heater core box where it connected to top of vent.I did this every time I put new heater core in.The vents that is connected to the heater core box,I have 2 screws that hold them in place that connects to top vents,did that last time.The vent at the passenger side was hell to line up,but it worked out great.3 times a charm....By the way I had to get the heater core from Ebay for 84 bucks,it was the last one....They are hard to find...


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