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Hi Tony,sorry it took so long to get back with you,here are some pictures of my rear bumper,hope it helps.The bracket is welded to the bumper and other end is bolted to frame.

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This is a big help. Thank you. As for the brackets, did you fabricate those or buy them? I suppose it wouldn’t matter, I just haven’t been able to find any rear bumper brackets for these trucks. This is a very big help though. Much appreciated Tom. 

Is that cross piece welded to brackets to stop any shifting movement in the bumper? Referring to the ‘X’ square tubing between brackets. 

yes it is,this bumper was on the truck when I bought in April 14.1994.He use to tow a boat ,the ball tow thing is what he used back then,cause the license plate was scared from the tow thing hitting it.People use to put a tennis ball over it,but I painted the bumper and the ball.The license plates lights were replaced long ago,got them from Walmart,and they still sell them.


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